Obtaining your Roadworthy Certificate in Barbados

A Road worthy Certificate is a document that confirms that your vehicle is in good working order and is safe to drive on the roads of Barbados.

While this certification can give you peace of mind, it is also an official requirement in Barbados for vehicles that are 10 years or older. You must have this certificate in order to buy or sell a used vehicle, request a car loan or get motor insurance.


Roadworthy certificate: the basics


A Roadworthy Certificate is awarded after a roadworthiness inspection is performed on your vehicle. It is basically an assessment of a vehicle to determine if it is safe to be driven on the road.

Who can perform a vehicle inspection?

Inspections should always be conducted by an authorized and/or reputable garage or it can also be obtained through the Barbados Licensing Authority, at the Vehicle Inspection Division.

What parts of the vehicle are inspected in order to obtain a Roadworthy Certificate?

Vehicles are carefully checked for mechanical and structural defects, and this includes an inspection of the tyres (read our guide for buying tyres in Barbados), brakes, suspension, steering, windshield, lights and more. The assessment also notes any repairs that may be required. If the vehicle passes the inspection, a Roadworthy Certificate will be issued.

How much can a Roadworthy Certificate cost?

We asked a few garages in the island and found that a Roadworthy Certificate can cost between $50 and $100 Barbados Dollars.

When do I need a Roadworthy Certificate?

Cautious drivers may voluntarily seek out a Roadworthy Certificate in order to learn about the general state of their vehicle. However, it can be a mandatory requirement in these specific circumstances:

  • When buying or selling a vehicle
  • When getting a loan to purchase a used vehicle
  • When getting insurance for a used vehicle

Buying or selling a used vehicle

You will need a Roadworthy Certificate when selling a used vehicle, as the buyer will want to know the general state of the machine. If you are the buyer and the vehicle is 10 years or older, then you would need the certificate to get the vehicle on the road.

Getting a loan to buy a used car

If you require a loan to purchase a vehicle 10 years or older, your financial institution will need to ensure the vehicle is in good working order before placing a lien on it (expressing financial interest).

Getting insurance for your used vehicle

Before insuring a vehicle, your insurance providers will need to know the state of that vehicle in order to assess its level of risk and determine if an insurance policy can be issued. This applies only for vehicles 10 years or older.

A Roadworthiness inspection is also required in instances where a vehicle has been written off due to a collision, but the owner intends to repair it to drive again. In these instances, by law, it must be inspected by the Licensing authority, and that Roadworthy Certificate will be required for resuming insurance coverage and for financial assistance if necessary.

Roadworthy certificate sample document

(Roadworthy certificate sample document)

Where can I get a roadworthy certificate in Barbados?

Below are some of the garages where you can get a Roadworthy Certificate on the island.

Authorized dealers for Roadworthy Certificate

Authorized Dealer Contact Number Address
Nassco Limited (246) 227-6048 River Road, St. Michael
Simpson Motors  (246) 417-7777  Warrens, St. Michael 
Courtesy Garage  (246) 431-4100  Wildey, St. Michael 
McEnearney Quality Inc (ANSA Motors)  (246) 467-2400  Wildey, St. Michael 
Platinum Motors  (246) 6214200  Fontabelle, Bridgetown, St. Michael 

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Other garages that can provide a certificate

Authorized Dealer Contact Number Address
The Auto Repair Centre Inc 
(246) 436-2277 
Strathclyde, St. Michael 
Bodyline Garage Inc. 
(246) 233-2633 
Farm Tenantry, Speightstown, St. Peter 
Corbin’s Garage 
(246) 427-7755 
Collymore Rock, St. Michael 
Downes’ Auto Body 
(246) 228-2382 
Hothersal Turning, St. Michael 
Drayton’s Garage 
(246) 428-6067 
Lodge Road, Christ Church 
Forde’s Auto 
(246) 538-4097 
Maxwell, Christ Church 
JEM Services 
Bryan Road, Welchman Hall, St. Thomas 
Jones’ Garage Ltd. 
(246) 425-6637 
Passage Road, St. Michael 
McCarthy’s Garage Inc 
(246) 429-3820 
Two Mile Hill, St. Michael 
Trans-Tech Inc. 
(246) 418-6628 
Kendal Hill, Christ Church 
United Commercial Autoworks Ltd. 
(246) 537-2000 
Roebuck Street, St. Michae 
Yesuf Auto Clinic 
(246) 228-5790 
Lakes Folly, St. Michael 

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