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Know you’re protected with a fast, transparent claims process.

Know you’re protected with a fast, transparent claims process.

Unexpected things happen all the time.
You have an accident, a flood, or something you value gets damaged or stolen. In times like these, we’ve got you covered.

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Step 1

A powerful yet easy to use claims process.

Step 2

View all your past and current claims on our portal.

Step 3

Track your claim being processed online.

Trusted and convenient

The way claims are processed is a mystery to most people, but at Almi, we’re different. We think it’s important that our customers understand their coverage, so we’re taking you behind the scenes of how we work.

24/7 Claims Submissions

Accidents can happen at any time. With our always-on digital platform you can reach us from anywhere at any time to submit a claim, to ask questions or to find out where in the process you are.

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Roadside Assistance

Just call us and we will bring you on-site assistance in an instant. They’ll guide you through the process and help fill out all the information we need.

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Claims Support

We understand that a motor accident or damage at home is stressful, and it helps to know where your claim is at. We are available 24/7 to give you updates. Reach out to us from anywhere, anytime.

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Claims Portal

We want to ensure you see the same information we do as soon as it happens. Our claims portal gives you full access to your claim information and status. You can also view your past claims and submit new ones.

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Common questions.

How do you evaluate my claim?2020-12-15T01:44:16-04:00

Once your claim has been received, our experts will take a look at all the information provided, and begin to evaluate the total cost of damage. Once this cost is set, they’ll reach out to you to discuss and offer a list of trusted vendors to perform the repairs.

How can claims impact my future insurance?2020-12-15T01:44:36-04:00

The amount of impact, if any, will depend on whether the accident was your fault, and which type of insurance plan you’ve chosen. As a general rule, the more insurance claims you make, the higher your premiums could be in the future.

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